Monday, November 26, 2007

Garden of Earthly Delights - Bosch

Triptych of Garden of Earthly Delights (left wing - detail)
Hieronymus Bosch
c. 1500
Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

This is a detail from the left panel of the famous Bosch triptych. This panel depicts Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

The Expulsion from Earthly Paradise - Pontormo

The Expulsion from Earthly Paradise
Jacopo Pontormo (Jacopo Carucci)
c. 1535
oil on wood
43 x 31 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy

Pontormo was an Italian Mannerist painter known for his use of contorted poses, distorted perspective and unnatural colors.

Expulsion from Garden of Eden - Michelangelo

Expulsion from Garden of Eden
Cappella Sistina, Vatican

This is Michelangelo's version of the expulsion from Eden.

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden - Masaccio

The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
Masaccio (Tommaso Cassai)
208 x 88 cm
Cappella Brancacci, Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence

Believe it or not, this image was on the cover of a Gynecology medical text in the 1970's.

The Fall of Man - Goltzius

The Fall of Man
Hendrik Goltzius
oil on canvas
104.5 x 138.4 cm (41 1/8 x 54 1/2 in.)
National Gallery of Art
Washington, D.C.

I love this depiction. Dutch painter Hendrik Goltzius shows the couple as lovers, not shameful fools.

Adam and Eve - Cranach

Adam and Eve
Lucas Cranach the younger
after 1537
Oil on lime wood panel
171 x 63 cm (each)
Gemäldegalerie, Dresden

In Cranach's version of Adam and Eve, Adam looks positively perplexed. Eve looks confident, as always.

Adam and Eve - Domenichino

Adam and Eve
Domenichino (Domenico Zampieri)
Italian Painter, Baroque

Sorry, but this painting is funny. Adam seems to be saying, "Hey, it was her, not me!" and God is just giving him the finger.